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Ever Fresh Cameron Sdn Bhd Services


Our range of products encompasses over 500 varieties of leafy and non-leafy vegetables and dried foodstuffs.  We offer timely delivery around the clock to restaurants and market outlets.   Our one-stop integrated supply chain ensures that your orders arrive daily on time and in impeccable condition.

Preparing Eggplant
Loading a Truck

Drop Shipping

To restaurant suppliers, rest assured that we are your facilitator, not your competitor; we respect your customer base.  We work closely with you to assemble customised ready-to-deliver baskets to meet your customers’ orders. You enjoy the immediate benefits of low start-up and operating costs because we take care of purchasing and stock picking.  If you require sales personnel, we can fill the gap.  Essentially, we simplify your routine tasks, leaving you time to concentrate on building your business network.

Import / Export

To vegetable importers worldwide, we are a reliable supplier you can count on to deliver consistent quality time after time.  We can supply vegetables in the quantity, variety and specification that you require.  We are fully equipped to meet the packing and sanitation standards of your country.

Cargo Ship at the Port
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